Pizza Prize Online Slot Rating and reviews

Pizza Prize Online Slot Rating and reviews

Have you ever encountered someone who doesn’t enjoy pizza? It is quite improbable that you have. People from all around the globe consider pizza to be the most mouthwatering supper and one of the things they look forward to eating the most. It consists of dough, tomatoes, and pepperoni, among other things… What exactly is there to dislike about this? Because NextGen is aware of how much you like pizza, it has developed a slot machine that will undoubtedly cause you to experience feelings of hunger just by making you stare at the reels.

How to Play Pizza Prize Online Slot

You may take a bite out of some pizza, relax on your couch, and play the Pizza Prize slot machine on your laptop, mobile device, or tablet. The slot is suitable for use with any and all devices! Start turning the reels by loading the game into any mobile device that operates on Android or iOS, or by loading it onto your desktop computer and getting started there. Because the Pizza Prize online slot game is built in HTLM5, all you need to play it at one of the best online slots sites is your preferred web browser and a constant internet connection.

When you first open the game, you will see two buttons: the first is labeled “Settings,” and the second is labeled “Spin.” You need to decide what you want to wager on before you can click the button that makes the wheel spin. The moment you click or press on the settings button, the box for configuring your bets will become visible. You may choose the amount of paylines you want to wager on using the slider, which is located to the left of the screen. The slot machine has a total of 25 paylines that can be played. You will then see a second slider that displays the coin value for the one coin that must be placed for each line that you choose to play. Because the value of a single coin may range anywhere from 0.01 to 2.5 credits and you can choose to wager on anywhere from 1 to 25 paylines, the smallest possible wager you can put is 0.01 and the most is 62.50.

You will see that there is a button labeled with a I located on the far left side of the bet setting box. If you choose it using your mouse or touch screen, the payout schedule will appear. The pizza maker, Tony, will be the first image that appears before you. A pizza maker is called a pizzaiolo in Italian; however, you probably already knew that. In this game, Tony is the wild symbol. It will offer you the highest possible payout for a combination of five of a type on the slot machine. Should you are successful in landing that top combination, you will be awarded 10,000 coins. You can win a payment that is equal to 100 times your original wager if you get the pizza scatter symbol in the right combination. You will get 500 coins from the pizza delivery person, and 250 coins from the dough scooter. The pizza toppings, represented by the sign with the pepperoni, as well as the symbol depicting tomatoes, garlic, and onions, each provide you with 200 coins. The playing card royals, each of which is shown with some aspect associated to pizza, are the symbols with the lowest payout potential. For the greatest combinations, you will get 150 coins for the As and Ks, 125 coins for the Qs and Js, and 100 coins for the 10s and 9s.

You will find the speaker button and the autospins button right next to the I button. The autospins button allows you to set up to 100 autospins, and the speaker button allows you to activate or disable the noises that play throughout the game.

Free Games with the Pizza Prize and Other Features

In the game Pizza Prize, Tony will act as a replacement for all of the symbols, with the exception of the pizzas that are spread about the screen. Every time you complete a combination using the wild, the reward you win will be increased by one. However, the wild card will also play a significant part in the free spins bonus round.

You will need to land at least three scattered pizzas in order to activate the free spins bonus. You will be awarded 15 free spins, during which time each combination that you form will pay out at a rate of two to one, with the exception of the oven mystery rewards. However, what exactly are these oven mystery prizes? Whenever you are playing with free spins, a pizza oven will appear on the top of each reel. If you land one or more pizza symbols, the pizza oven that is above you will open up or become active. The pizza symbol that appears on the first reel has a chance to become wild or provide you with a jackpot that is two to five times as much as your initial bet. On the second reel, the pizza will provide you a surprise reward that is anywhere from two to five times the amount you wagered. The pizza will either turn into a wild symbol or turn all of the symbols on the reel into wilds when it lands on the third reel. On the fourth reel, it will bring the multiplier for the free spin up to a maximum of eight times, and on the fifth reel, it will provide you with one to four more free spins as a prize. There is no way to retrigger the free spins after they have been awarded.

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